Amsterdam + Ryan Adams + LM

Phew, deep breath…

Just confirmed: LM will play a solo set as support to the wonderful* Ryan Adams at Concertgebouw in Amsterdam, Holland on Tuesday 28th June.

Tickets, we believe, are now sold out but you can find more info here.

* understatement alert

  1. Nicky

    Oooh why didn’t I know this earlier, I would definitely have bought a ticket! :( See if I can get one somewhere, don’t wanna miss it.

  2. Séamus

    I’m really pleased for LM. Really ,really pleased. Have fun. That is all.

  3. a\

    Hey, he’s only ever made you strong; this should be no exception! Congratulations. =)

  4. Dowt

    oh my days! i’m going to see Ryan at the Barbican on 20th june, pleeeease tell me laura is supporting him there too….?

  5. Colin Ive

    I see you are not scheduled to gig on July 2nd. If you are at home maybe you would like to take a walk along the road to Yateley and visit the ‘Gig on the Green’ Yateley’s first ever music festival with schools in the early part, local musicians in the middle and tribute bands at the end. Its a gig for the community by the community! See and All monies raised is for community projects and local charities. Come and relax or bring the guitar but just come and see what we are trying to do. Let me know ……

  6. Maria João

    But why oh why won´t you support him when he goes to Porto, Portugal? You never came to Portugal… :(

  7. Tamar

    Why didn’t I know this before it was sold out? It makes me very very sad to miss this.

  8. jh

    Please come play another show in the Netherlands! We’ll turn out and show you the love!