Aberdeen & Ireland – update

LM is currently in the studio beginning work on the next album, towards which all energies have been directed and devoted since the start of the year.

The latest word from up top of ‘HQ is: the postponed Aberdeen/Ireland shows are still due to be rescheduled, but at present there are no specific dates to announce.  For those of you who would like a rough idea of when, at the moment it’s looking like (although not yet definite) the Ireland shows will take place around May time, with Aberdeen to follow a bit later on. Although nothing is yet set in stone. Not ideal for those keen to see her asap, one can empathize (the writer of this being a similarly devoted music fan). But, well, for everything a reason and when she does finally make it back there will most likely be new songs for the road testing, if that’s any consolation…

If you’d like to return your ticket for a refund you can do so by contacting the vendor from which they were purchased. Rescheduled dates will be posted here as soon as they are confirmed.

Stay well,

  1. Martin

    cool thanks for the update, am so eager to see her but like you say if we get to hear some new songs will be a good pay off. at least we have some idea and know we havent been forgotten. loooking forward to it.

  2. John

    Thanks for keeping us updated and glad to see we haven’t been forgotten :] Keep the songs coming.

  3. Niamh

    I have exams in May :(

  4. Kathy

    can’t wait to hear your new album laura! good luck x

  5. Vincent

    Great news, had been thinking you had forgotten us.
    Should have kept the faith.
    See you soon

  6. Daniel

    Great. Thank you for the rough estimate. It helps greatly!

  7. Amy

    Thats great news! Something to really look forward to, I can’t wait to see her again.

  8. Manny

    May, good. June, bad.

  9. Caitlin


    It’s good we have news but bad it’s so far away! I know Aberdeen isn’t that nice a place but it’s not entirely horrible.
    Please come soon! Plus, the ticket was for my birthday as the show was meant to be on my birthday and I’m dying to use it!

    It’s okay, though. Still love you and your music!

  10. johnny

    thought she finished 2 last year. good to see aberdeen fans are respected as much as the rest…….

  11. Dave

    So it’s march now and still no actual dates, this is absolutely ridiculous and I’m getting fed up fast.
    also exams in june. not a happy camper.

  12. Greg

    Agree with Dave, it’s been far too long a wait. I’m going to have to return my tickets in case the rescheduled date conflicts with by exams.
    I LOVE Laura Marling’s music but I think fans should be kept in the picture about this sort of thing. It’s nearly four month’s since the Dublin gig was meant to take place and still no date? It’s taking advantage of our loyalty to be honest.

  13. Eugene

    I agree with Dave and Greg – it’s now been 4 months give or take a day or two and there’s been a handful of other dates announced in that time.
    I’m not goin to be in Belfast much longer so the chances of me missing out on this are ever growing.
    Can we please have an announcement?

  14. Darren

    Been far too long, and with not even a real hint of when the Aberdeen gig is (min of 3 months) i’ve run out of patience and returning my ticket. Really disappointed with lack of communication with fans ie taking 3 months since the ney year announcement to tell us it would be another 3 months at least until they have a better idea. Shame really, woul have loved to see her.

  15. Hannah

    Well the future of consumer Britain is safe. Life surely is complicated for such young pubescent beasts taking exams and contemplating the exact skinny jean/converse constellation to select for the rescheduled gig. Complicated indeed. Good things come to those who wait children. Have patience.

  16. Cian

    I agree with Dave, Greg and Eugege – I bought tickets for the Aberdeen date for my Mum’s birthday last October. It’s been a good 4 months now and to be honest my patients wearing thin. Can we please have an update within the the next two weeks or I’m going have to get a refund.
    Laura, love and respect, but come on …

  17. Hannah

    Poor old thin patient.

  18. john

    Hannah your comments are wearisome.

  19. Simon

    Lighten up John. At least she’s not taking it too seriously.

  20. Em

    It’s a bit of a piss take. It would be nice to at least be kept informed…

  21. james

    Any news on the new date for Aberdeen then?